1. Cutting power costs by 92%

Generally LEDs reach an energy efficiency of 50-80Lm/W. Our soft-Led-solution reaches an energy efficiency of sensational 135Lm/W. Energy saving increases to over 90%. For instance, if a 1.000 pcs. 40W light bulbs are in use, energy consumption will amount to 40kW. After conversion to LED and by using 3W LED-filament bulbs energy consumption drops to 3kW (!).The general payback period is up to 1-2 years.

2. Outstanding colour reproduction

The colour rendering index of LED-filament bulbs used by soft-LED is ›90. This matches the highest standard of light quality.

3. Preservation of historic substance

Lusters and lamps can maintain their original condition. Reconstruction is unnecessary (Retro-Fit). Conflicts regarding the protection of historic monuments will be avoided.

4. Illumination matches the original

By using the LED-filament the features match those of a classic light bulb and all its benefits: 360 degree angle of radiation, compact dimensions, esthetic appearance.

5. System solution is 100% suitable
for HD camera

The system works unmodulated, hence 100% flickerfree. Even close-ups and quick camera movements (also HD standard) are rendered without interference.

6. Dimmability 0-100%

The soft-LED dimming solution works completely flicker-free and without scattering effects between the bulbs even within the lowest dimming ranges. The lack of a hum throughout the complete dimming range is another advantage (illuminant and driver).

7. Maintainance free

No frequent and costly changing of burned-out bulbs anymore. The LED is designed to work for 50.000 hours, which means it’s life span is 50 times higher than a normal bulb’s one.

8. Light weight

At 35 grams the weight of soft-LED-filament bulbs minimally exceeds that of a classic light bulb. Thus the structural load on lusters and lamps only increases marginally.

9. Existent wiring can still be used

Centralized control enables the continuous use of existent wiring.

10. DMX connection

The connection to DMX bus systems is possible, trouble-free and uses automatic address allocation.

11. EMC uncritical characteristics

The system’s outlet runs on controlled DC-current - without creating harmonics. Both the active and passive interference resistance are increased to the maximum amount (no scattering into microphone cables as observed with triac-dimmers).

12. Active PFC (Power Factor Control) is used for the drivers

This means the load-characteristic of the integrated
dimming-solution from soft-LED meets the requirements of the electric supply-companies concerning commercial electricity consumers. Wattless current as nonlinearities are reduced to a minimum.


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